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Florida man wears your t-shirt and publishes his adventures

11 Jun

newest in the line of online advertising whores ( read creative entreprenuers) is Jason Sadler of IWearYourShirt.com yes it’s exactly as it sounds you pay face value for a the day of the year ie jan 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365 and of course you send him your t-shirt then he blogs about wearing it and shows you as a sponsor on his website for the month.

not a bad novelty marketing idea go check out some of the opportunistic companys that have bought jason’s chest space.



84% of Online Word of Mouth starts with info in Traditional Media

19 Dec

MS&L Survey Uncovers Drivers of Digital Influence and Reveals How Information is Shared Online

A new research study fielded among nearly 1,000 digital influencers demonstrates that traditional and online media are both important sources when it comes to sharing news. The study, developed by IM MS&L, MS&L’s influencer marketing practice to determine how to construct effective online influencer campaigns, in conjunction with leading research firm Ipsos Public Affairs, finds that traditional media play a vital role in igniting the process that leads influencers to share information online and via word of mouth.

More than eight in ten influencers say they often go online to find out more after reading something in a magazine or newspaper (84%) or hearing something on TV or the Radio (84%.) These traditional media sources help shape public opinion in the complex world of online influence.

“This research supports the need for influencer marketing campaigns to leverage both traditional and online tools to connect with consumers,” said Renee Wilson, deputy MD of MS&L New York and director of the agency’s IM MS&L practice.

(Source: MSL News Release, 11/16/08. Full release: http://www.mslworldwide.com/in-the-news/press-releases/traditional-media-sparks-word-of-mouth)