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How I Made $100K With Twitter

24 Feb

How I Made $100K With Twitter

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Definitive Guide: How To Use Twitter Lists

4 Nov

Awesome article from the guys at mashable walks you through how to use twitter lists in order to better organize your twitter use and make the massive volume of content easier to digest.

Twitter Money: How Starbucks Use Twitter to Generate Nearly $500,000 in Revenue

9 Sep

Twitter Money: How Starbucks Use Twitter to Generate Nearly $500,000 in Revenue

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Promote Your Static Twitter Pages

5 Sep

Promote Your Static Twitter Pages

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Florida man wears your t-shirt and publishes his adventures

11 Jun

newest in the line of online advertising whores ( read creative entreprenuers) is Jason Sadler of yes it’s exactly as it sounds you pay face value for a the day of the year ie jan 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365 and of course you send him your t-shirt then he blogs about wearing it and shows you as a sponsor on his website for the month.

not a bad novelty marketing idea go check out some of the opportunistic companys that have bought jason’s chest space.

New Report Shows Design Quality is Third Most Important Factor to Web Users

9 Jun

the folks at web designer wall and at webcopyplus did a great job compiling this article that shows what web users are rapidly turned of by. with ever climbing bounce rates and a constantly expanding volume of sites these points could be the difference in your site working for you and your site turning away potential customers.

The Social Media Marketing Blog

7 Mar

The Social Media Marketing Blog

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