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Video Getting to Soical Media ROI

13 Aug

Great video by the folks at

Key Takeaways:

Social media is about leverage the more active you are in a social environment the more you can leverage others activity to fuel your success.


20 Twitter Bios that Demand Attention

25 Jun

20 Twitter Bios that demand AttentionIn 140 characters or less describe who you are, what you do, and why I should care.

That is the sizable task the twitter bio demands and below are 30 Awesome examples of how to rise to the challenge and write something that demands attention.

I’ve compiled a list of 20 twitter bios that make me laugh and make me want to read more. Note; you will not find any self promotional how to market your business advice in the following list (and that’s exactly the point) these are all about expanding your personal brand with ashort quip that makes people want a relationship with you regardless of business intent (much stronger foundation that the transactional perspective of building value based solely on what you can do/ provide/ sell)

1. Calvin Lee @MayhemStudios

Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan

2. Lolly Daskal @Lollydaskal

Speaker|Author|Motivator| Passionate about Inspiring & Empowering others to become their best Successful Self by Leading From Within

3. Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki

Firehose that answers the question: What’s interesting? Co-founder of Alltop.

4. Lifehacker @Lifehacker

Don’t live to geek; geek to live.

5. Lindsay Heller @TheCigarChick

NYC’s only female tobacconist bringing you all the info on the biz & my love of music, scholarship, wine, food, all things Italian & Latin American.

6. Amber Osbourne @missdestructo

Destroyer of Social Media Boredom. Blue Haired Blogger.

7. Graham “Logo” Smith@imjustcreative

Logo & identity designer for hire. Creating clean and unique logos, identities and rebrands. Iconic, typographic and minimalist tendencies. 25 years experience.

8. Ryan Penagos @Agent_M

Editor of Writer, blogger, lover of tacos, tattoos, comics, video games, pop culture and cute stuff. See also: @Marvel and

9. Natasha Wescoat @natasha

Artist/Synaesthetic. Blog: @artcandytv. Comic writer/artist for @Mashable. Batman lover. Horror fiend. Former musician. Meta

10. Steffanie Cameron @smuttysteff

I tweet hard, fast, & often. I’m opinionated & swear CONSTANTLY. Don’t like it? Don’t follow. Otherwise: You’ll take it & like it.

11. Delana Burnett @dee_burnett

A rocker chick obsessed with all things rock & outlaw country; a HUGE Razorback fan; a business woman who busts her butt to support her concert habit!!!

12. Tiny Buddha @tinybuddha

The Tiny Buddha brings you quotes from the wise! Simple wisdom for complex lives.

13.  Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

Wine guy, host of Wine Library TV. Video blogger and Businessman that loves people and the hustle

14. Alex Hunter @cubedweller

Brand igniter, angel investor, public speaker, former Virgin.

15. Crystal Jackson @cryjack

Fight stupidization.

16. Katie Rose @katefeetie

You know the burnt-out college student in front of you in line at Target who was intermittently chuckling to herself? Nice to meet you, too.

17. Dr. Kiki Sanford @drkiki

Science ninjas unite!

18. Gina @sugaredmagnolia

Food activist, lover of white precipitation & K2 skis, owner of mad kitchen skills, runs organic, fair-trade bakery. It’s all blogged at

19. Wandering Biker @wanderingbiker

Unemployed computer guy takes off on his motorcycle seeking fame, fortune and adventure.

20. Alana Joy @alanajoy

I’ve come here to chew bubblegum & kick ass & I’m all out of bubblegum. • a muse: amused • media misfit, marketing mastermind • host • blogger • sarcatalyst •

hope you’re inspired full of ideas just please don’t put the title on your bsuiness card on ur twitter bio, ultimate snoozefest.

Have some fun with it make me want to know you. You can do it!. If you’ve found any great twitter bios I missed post them ion the comments below!

How 1 Tweet Generated National News Coverage for Small Company in less than 24 hours…

17 Jun

Allison Jo Winter of Terra Companies didn’t expect that attending a twitter training seminar would lead to national news exposure less than 24 hours later but…

Tuesday night Allison Jo Winter of Terra Companies attended the Twitter for Small Business seminar 2 the Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce, @kzoochamber,  Included in the discussion was reaching local media with twitter and using Twitter to drive traffic to Youtube content. Less than 24 hours and 10 tweets later Allison’s Twitter account @terracompanies had drawn attention to their companies with this tweet about the’r patented sedvac system on the twitter hashtag #bpspill and #BPoilspill

#bpoilspill #bpspill Video of our patented process that could help clean up the oil along the coast

This one tweet drew attention from a local Fox affiliate, a few hours later a complete on site interview with CEO Steve Taplin was mixed with HD video shot for youtube by Terra Companies showcasing the Sedvac system.

By 7pm the story made it to The Chicago Tribune and by 10pm the story was on the nightly news with a 2:21 news segment.

Rewind Just 24 hours and Allison sat in a Twittter Seminar asking how she could get relevance and measurable value from Twitter. The Key points we discussed were:

  1. Compose Tweets that connect “Trending Topics” to your brand (immediately she thought how can we talk about the BP oil spill)
  2. Re-Tweet Something that your target influencers have posted on twitter so that they recognize you.
  3. Link your tweets to more detailed content that goes beyond twitter to Youtube or a company website for brief but specific details.

This simple strategy applied the next day led to immediate national news coverage. What is your strategy to make an impact for your company on Twitter? Look for ways to take the same three steps noted above and get your message from twitter amplified thousands of times to a much larger audience just like Allison did!

How to Win Big Locally on Twitter – Seminar Seats Still Available

10 Jun

Tuesday June 15, 2010  – How to Win Big Locally on Twitter

5 – 7 pm at Kalamazoo County Chamber of Commerce

5:00 to 5:30 Networking and awesome snacks
5:30 to 6:30 Training: how to plan and execute your Twitter strategy
6:30 to 7:00 Start your strategy, start tweeting, and win awesome prizes

(including a $50 Gift certificate to Casa Bolero)

Do not miss this awesome event register now

You already know that I am super passionate about social media and making it matter in Kalamazoo. I can tell you the people at this seminar are going to get a
huge advantage on being the top dogs in social media in our fair city.

You will get to hear from local Twitter Superstar @SarahLWLee (organizer of  tweetup kalamazoo and the first ever downtown kalamazoo tweetcrawl/ photocontest – this event alone drove people to explore 17 downtown venues in one night and  tweet about all of them to their entire network)

You will learn the critical steps to build your Twitter strategy including:

  • How to Find and capitalize on the Twitter conversation that matter
  • Which Twitter management tools put customer loyalty on steroids
  • How to create meaningful connections that turn your brand into a 500lb gorilla

On top of that there will be awesome snacks (thanks to Sam at Salut Fine Wine and Spirits he will be there too and you should meet him). There will also be some sweet giveaways including a $50 Gift certificate to Casa Bolero.

Philanthopy + Social Media + Leverage = Awesome!!!

9 Jun

At Internet Week in New York Edward Norton unveiled a new project designed to make internet fund-raising easy, fun, and approachable for anyone.

Enter Crowdrise a sweet new fund-raising application that really is turn key for the average joe.

The Basics:

Find Your Charity:

(most US 501c3’s are already listed) Just search for the charity name and kablammo you get to start building your fundraiser or you can donate right there!

Build a Fundraiser:

Develop a specific fundraiser upload media ie photos a description, etc to inform potential donors of your fundraiser and your cause.

Build a Team:

Recruit other people to help you publicise your fundraiser and crowdrise automatically tracks points for performance and rewards high performers with cool stuff from their big corporate sponsors (like apple)

Leverage Crowdrise’s Awesome Promos

Encourage action without incurring costs. Crowd raise is giving away great stuff, any $8 donation qualifies the donor to win an iPad that means now any charity you know can do an iPad giveaway for free!!!! This is huge

imagine the impact of your fund-raising effort when you can spend about a half hour and build a campaign that has awesome premiums built in, team management tools, and directly connects to social media like facebook and twitter and runs all donation through Amazon payments for nice secure processing!

this is exactly what small charities have needed to become relevant in a big way it gives the big gun ammunition to every little guy that’s willing to do a little promotion work and with only a 5% transaction fee and no cost for premiums etc this has game changer written all over it!

By the way Check Out Steel Horses for Real horses charity Motorcycle ride and give to help disabled kids develop motor skills through horseback riding! and Donate $29 for a chance to win an Apple iPad

Shrek Gets Social!! Shrek’s 5 Rules for Winning Big with Social Media

23 May

Shrek was the most searched term on google today, Shrek has over 1500 tweets in the last 24 hours and Shrek has grossed $21.6 Million in just 3 days

So how has the big scary ogre managed to rally so many fans and drive them to be a word of mouth phenomenon? Read the words of the big green guy himself and see how he manages his social status. (he is probably the most loved ogre ever)

5 Simple Ogre approved Rules for winning big with social media!

1.” Hey, I’m nobody’s messenger boy, all right? I’m a delivery boy. “

In each of the Shrek movies Shrek owns his identity and when challenged is very quick to re-educate people on exactly who he is.  Clear understanding and articulation of who you are and what you are about is what builds an intense brand whether that’s your personal brand or the brand of the company you represent. Make who you are and who you are not super clear in your interactions in social media and fans will respond.

2. Gingy, do you still know the muffin man?

Leverage your network ask the people you are connected to for input, get strategic help solving problems from the people you interact with on social media and your social network will respond by asking you for help when it’s appropriate also.

3.That’ll do, Donkey. That’ll do.

Thank your Supporters…regularly. in the social media sphere a thank you is one of the quickest ways to deepen the relationship you have between you and your followers. so do it often. make a point to a little time each week and thank someone for a retweet, send a shout out about something you worked on together anything you can to show some digital gratitude.

4. Somebody help! I’ve been kidnapped by a monster who’s trying to relate to me!

Ok so it’s not Shrek talking but the point is clear.keep one voice. don’t try to change the way you talk from one contact to another on social media it will make all of your communication sound manipulative instead of Genuine. the last thing you need is your fans recognizing that you ar trying to sound like them instead of sounding like you.

5. Well, the stars don’t tell the future, donkey, they tell stories. Look, there’s Blood-Nut, the Flatulent. You can guess what he’s famous for.

Always have interesting content. when people never know what you are going to say next they tend to listen more closely to what you say so keep it interesting. mix it up.

Look back at your historical use of Social media. and see what have people re-tweeted/ what got the most comments? what keywords appear most often in your social content? Then look for the consistency in messaging style and content get the mix right any you can be more like Shrek driving fans to tweet, search, and purchase from your brand.

Resources for this article include:

Number of tweets on Shrek:
Google Search Activity about Shrek
Box office Performance:

How Discoverable are You on Social Media?

17 May

I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for 4 years that social media will become more relevant that search marketing and it’s becoming more true by the day. YouTube is now more searched than Yahoo!  Facebook recently celebrated its 400 millionth member, twitter content is being aded to the library of congress.  

How visible you are on a  the most-visited social sites? The question is, How discoverable are you? A solid brand marketing on perhaps one or two is increasingly important.

  • You can’t just set up profiles on social networking sites and disappear. A consistent presence says something important about your leadership style that you’re to be taken seriously. Having long-ago entries as your most recent leads potential customers to make assumptions about you that aren’t beneficial to your business goals. Activity is critical to mainting a valueable presence in social media.
  • Do your homework on these sites; go where your best prospects or most valueable influencers are. Keep the 80/20 Principle in mind when it comes to social marketing. Don’t waste 80% of your social networking time and energy interacting in groups that don’t have the juice to impact your business goals. Build relations with the 20% of qualified connections in whom you see evidence of meaningful business coming your way.
  • Join sizable groups that are relevant; participate in the discussions (this is a big deal for Linked-In users especially). Engage, participate and put forth an informed point-of-view. Share up your knowledge; engage people if you want them to click your way. Let them see how knowledgeable you are, and how what you know can move their interests forward. Serve as an excellent resource, contributing good ideas don’t Sell and Shamelessly self promote.
  • There must be value in interacting with you. Use your social space to converse, to solve a problem or to educate people, versus using it to talk solely about your products or services. Treat Your network as if they’re already your customers. Focus on delivering actionable tips and trend information that people can use for growth or other benefits.

This is how to build a community and position yourself as a leader in your field. The more solid the information you consistently add to the web, the more discoverable your footprint on Google and within social networks.