How 1 Tweet Generated National News Coverage for Small Company in less than 24 hours…

17 Jun

Allison Jo Winter of Terra Companies didn’t expect that attending a twitter training seminar would lead to national news exposure less than 24 hours later but…

Tuesday night Allison Jo Winter of Terra Companies attended the Twitter for Small Business seminar 2 the Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce, @kzoochamber,  Included in the discussion was reaching local media with twitter and using Twitter to drive traffic to Youtube content. Less than 24 hours and 10 tweets later Allison’s Twitter account @terracompanies had drawn attention to their companies with this tweet about the’r patented sedvac system on the twitter hashtag #bpspill and #BPoilspill

#bpoilspill #bpspill Video of our patented process that could help clean up the oil along the coast

This one tweet drew attention from a local Fox affiliate, a few hours later a complete on site interview with CEO Steve Taplin was mixed with HD video shot for youtube by Terra Companies showcasing the Sedvac system.

By 7pm the story made it to The Chicago Tribune and by 10pm the story was on the nightly news with a 2:21 news segment.

Rewind Just 24 hours and Allison sat in a Twittter Seminar asking how she could get relevance and measurable value from Twitter. The Key points we discussed were:

  1. Compose Tweets that connect “Trending Topics” to your brand (immediately she thought how can we talk about the BP oil spill)
  2. Re-Tweet Something that your target influencers have posted on twitter so that they recognize you.
  3. Link your tweets to more detailed content that goes beyond twitter to Youtube or a company website for brief but specific details.

This simple strategy applied the next day led to immediate national news coverage. What is your strategy to make an impact for your company on Twitter? Look for ways to take the same three steps noted above and get your message from twitter amplified thousands of times to a much larger audience just like Allison did!


2 Responses to “How 1 Tweet Generated National News Coverage for Small Company in less than 24 hours…”

  1. Allison Winter June 17, 2010 at 3:30 pm #

    FYI: Our company Twitter account is actually @TerraCompanies


    Nice article!

    • skinnyblackman June 17, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

      Thanks and it’s now corrected great job getting the news attention!

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