Philanthopy + Social Media + Leverage = Awesome!!!

9 Jun

At Internet Week in New York Edward Norton unveiled a new project designed to make internet fund-raising easy, fun, and approachable for anyone.

Enter Crowdrise a sweet new fund-raising application that really is turn key for the average joe.

The Basics:

Find Your Charity:

(most US 501c3’s are already listed) Just search for the charity name and kablammo you get to start building your fundraiser or you can donate right there!

Build a Fundraiser:

Develop a specific fundraiser upload media ie photos a description, etc to inform potential donors of your fundraiser and your cause.

Build a Team:

Recruit other people to help you publicise your fundraiser and crowdrise automatically tracks points for performance and rewards high performers with cool stuff from their big corporate sponsors (like apple)

Leverage Crowdrise’s Awesome Promos

Encourage action without incurring costs. Crowd raise is giving away great stuff, any $8 donation qualifies the donor to win an iPad that means now any charity you know can do an iPad giveaway for free!!!! This is huge

imagine the impact of your fund-raising effort when you can spend about a half hour and build a campaign that has awesome premiums built in, team management tools, and directly connects to social media like facebook and twitter and runs all donation through Amazon payments for nice secure processing!

this is exactly what small charities have needed to become relevant in a big way it gives the big gun ammunition to every little guy that’s willing to do a little promotion work and with only a 5% transaction fee and no cost for premiums etc this has game changer written all over it!

By the way Check Out Steel Horses for Real horses charity Motorcycle ride and give to help disabled kids develop motor skills through horseback riding! and Donate $29 for a chance to win an Apple iPad


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