How and Why these 40 Big Brands Use Twitter

2 Mar

Thanks to the Guys at twitter: @mashable for tracking down the head honchos of twitter action from 40 different companies and getting the word out on how they use Twitter.

Not terribly surprising Major companies are using twitter largely for customer service. this is one of the only locations you can respond to a disgruntled customer directly and quickly without them actually complaining directly to you.

Also they are using twitter only short term specials like 3 day on-line sales (@americanapparel) and flavor alerts (@tastidlite

read through the full list here:

You should find some good inspiration for how to start tweeting your way to deeper customer relationships and more fans!


One Response to “How and Why these 40 Big Brands Use Twitter”

  1. sarah lee March 8, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    Great information! I find the fine line of annoyance vs. enjoyment to be ever so important in a world of noise clutter. Relationships become the key to who I care to listen to. Thanks for keeping that in our face as marketers.

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